President’s Welcome 2017

Hello everyone

This first edition of our federation magazine in the United Kingdom is firstly an opportunity to wish you an excellent sports year 2017 and to welcome all our new affiliated clubs and student members.

It is also an opportunity to hope that through your discovery, continued practice and improvement of our discipline, your participation in Krav Maga becomes increasingly more beneficial to you.

Each of us chooses to practice this discipline for different reasons; to learn how to defend ourselves, get back into shape or simply gain self-confidence. Today, Krav Maga certainly offers one of the best answers in terms of its effectiveness as a self-defence system thanks to a wide range of techniques covering all aspects of a real fight.

Krav Maga is a relatively new discipline. As a result of this it can be enhanced with additional techniques provided that they are always respectful of the fundamental principles that govern Krav Maga; simple, effective, fast and controlled movement.

For example, we focused for a long time, on the skills required to avoid being taken to the ground in an aggressive situation. However, during an assault, it is not guaranteed that we can remain standing. It is therefore important to be able to keep the same principle of efficiency and develop this to our advantage in the stages of ground combat.

The best technical representatives of the FEKM, under the leadership and direction of Richard Douieb, are currently working on ground techniques that will soon be integrated into the various technical programs, belt by belt.

Our schedule this year has several important events for students learning Krav Maga as well as those already instructing. We will therefore have opportunities to discover and work through these new techniques together during the course of the year.

It is a fundamental requirement that we all practice Krav Maga as realistically as possible. This allows us to learn and pass on a truly authentic Krav Maga, which makes the FEKM a reference in this field.

Have a great year. See you soon.

Eric Tagliana
President FEKM-UK