Krav Maga Intro Course - Price £35

Close Combat Self Defence Basic Course - In order to start training with us, you need to join an induction course where you learn the basics of Krav Maga. In just 2-3 hours you will learn how to apply your skills to defend yourself in a range of scenarios. Read more

Krav Maga Basics Course (St Chads)

This is a great introduction to Krav Maga, and allows you to meet your instructor in your training environment. The Free Taster Session - KM Basics Course covers basic techniques that are fast, simple and effective and fundamental to developing your Krav Maga skills. It lasts just over 2 hours and you receive a free groin guard for your protection while training. Read more

Yellow Belt Grading (SKM)

The Yellow Grading is the first belt in the FEKM syllabus and takes around 3-4 months of consistent training to achieve. Students will have an appreciation of all aspects of the syllabus and be able to replicate each to a reasonable level on request. As this is a first grading, a demonstration of the required technique will be given first. The grading will take around 2.5 to 3 hours, so please bring plenty of water and a snack or two to keep your energy levels up. Read more