Yellow Belt Preparation Course

This is a complete run through of the Yellow Belt Syllabus in preparation for the upcoming Yellow Belt Grading. The session will take two and a half hours and is open to anyone who has been training at least once a week for longer than 3 months. There is a small fee of £15 to cover the cost of the hall hire. Read more

FEKM-UK National Grading Day

On this day there will be be the following gradings: Initiator test, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue and Brown Belt. Yann and Eric will run the day with additional Instructors on hand to assist. If you would like to grade, first please check with your club instructor, then register and pay the fee. N.B. You only have to pay once per grade - if you failed your grade at the last attempt you do not have to pay again. There will be review courses run for all grades alongside the examinations, so a great opportunity to meet people and review your grade requirements. Read more

Krav Maga Intro Course - Price £35

Close Combat Self Defence Basic Course - In order to start training with us, you need to join an induction course where you learn the basics of Krav Maga. In just 2-3 hours you will learn how to apply your skills to defend yourself in a range of scenarios. Read more

FEKM-UK Summer Course

FEKM-UK Summer course is held in a beautiful farm in Somerset. 4 hours training every day under the tutelage of Black Belt 3rd Darga UK President and Technical Directors Eric TAGLIANA and Yann VEILLERANT and supported by Black Belt 1st Darga's Simon PITHER and Petri LAHDEMAKI. Full instruction groups for the Yellow, Orange, Green and Blue syllabus will be provided along with FEKM-UK Initiator Instructor training and assessments where required. This selection is for the full course with both Events Read more